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New Standards, and a Talk & Book Signing

Due to the recent controversy over the World Press Photo winning image, I have written a blog post for the picture folk over at the Daily Beast, and have been interviewed for American Photo online by Stan Horaczek. In both cases ideas are put forth on how to better contextualize the photograph and potentially gain [...]

Bending the Frame

While I have been absent from writing this blog over the past year, I have instead written a new book to be released next month by Aperture: Bending the Frame: Photojournalism, Documentary, and the Citizen. The first chapter of the book has just been put online courtesy of the Magnum Foundation.
Bending the Frame is about [...]

Red Rain in Tokyo

A very poignant piece in today’s New York Times Lens Blog by Hiroyuki Ito.

Four Scholarships in Photography & Human Rights

The Magnum Foundation announces 4 scholarships for the 2012 NYU/Magnum Foundation Photography and Human Rights Program.
The Magnum Foundation is pleased to announce that 4 scholarships will be available for the 2012 NYU/Magnum Foundation Photography and Human Rights Program.
The scholarship funds cover the 6-week program at the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU, housing, travel, [...]

Time Travel

In 1982 National Geographic magazine modified a horizontal photograph of the pyramids of Giza to turn it into a vertical so as to fit their cover. The editor of the magazine describe it to me as a “retroactive repositioning” of the photographer a few feet to one side to get a different point of view–in [...]

A Novelist with a Camera

We all know that photography, at its root, is writing with light. But most of us, particularly on the documentary side, do not take this too seriously–photography is a recording strategy (in its simplest form, “F-8 and be there”), not a writing one. But Tim Hetherington had a different approach.
As Sophie Gilbert recounts an early [...]

The New Family Album?

Facebook has a larger photo collection than any other site on the web. According to an extrapolation of photo upload data reported by Facebook, the site now houses about 60 billion photos compared to Photobucket’s 8 billion, Picasa’s 7 billion and Flickr’s 5 billion.
If this is the new family album, then what [...]

End of Year Thoughts

At the end of 2010 a few trends have become much clearer:
1. Books that use photographs are in a moment of renaissance, the awaited pushback against the digital-ephemeral and a new embrace of paper (reminiscent of painting’s expansion as photography took center stage). Made with digital tools, these books, usually from small publishers, take risks [...]

A list of inspirational books, projects, stories…

From a “free and open undergraduate photography class” run by Jonathan Worth and his colleagues, a list of inspirational works culled from a number of colleagues in the field. These lists are always fun, in part to see what one might have missed…

Paris Photo/Offprint etc.

I recently returned from Paris Photo, that enormous commercial fair for galleries from all over the world. While I was impressed by certain work such as from Silk Road Photo in Teheran (photographers living and working in Iran– thanks Abbas), I had the overall sense that imagery was growing larger and more about nothing. Somehow [...]