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Category Archives: Photo Manipulations

Ads are Banned

From Huffington Post in the United Kingdom, the first signs of resistance to image manipulation in mass media. It may be several decades late, but at least one member of Parliament seems to care:
Two adverts have been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority after a complaint from MP Jo Swinson.
Promotions for foundations by Lancome and [...]

“Photo Editing,” according to NY Times

Today’s New York Times features an article headlined “Photo Editing Online, Easy as Pie.” What do they mean by photo editing? The first two paragraphs let us know:
When Alexey Ivanov and his future wife, Marina Kiseleva, were dating, she gave him a memorable gift: a photograph of himself that looked as if it were hanging [...]

The Post-Fact Society

Timothy Egan’s recent piece  in The New York Times asserts that “forty-six percent of Republicans believe the lie that Obama is a Muslim,” while “twenty-seven percent in the party doubt that the president of the United States is a citizen.” And those who think the president is Muslim, according to a recent Pew survey, think [...]

Photoshop at 20, and a few chuckles

Twenty years ago I was asked to appear on The Today Show to discuss a very new software, Photoshop, that was capable of seamless image manipulation. I argued that the widespread adoption of such software would eventually erode the credibility of the photograph in society by making the medium increasingly suspect.
To me this was no [...]

Wary of the Wolf

Seems that Photoshop is not enough. Now the “Wildlife Photographer of the Year” Award, administered annually in Britain through the Natural History Museum and the BBC Wildlife Magazine, has had to be rescinded due to the use of what is now said to be a tame wolf to get a better picture (left).
Spanish photographer José [...]

Image Wars

In these transitional moments when the idea of photos being faked becomes commonplace, it is interesting to watch the trajectory in contemporary Iran. The birthplace of citizen photojournalism as a mass, political movement, Iran now is the setting for various battles over image fakery, indicating the residual power of photographs and video to sting its [...]

Twenty-Five Years Ago, And Now

Twenty-five years ago this month The New York Times Magazine published an extensive article that I had written on the coming digital revolution in photography, to which they gave the unfortunate title, “Photography’s New Bag of Tricks.” At that time there was no Photoshop - it would come at the end of the decade - [...]

Been a While

I have been traveling for a bit, and somewhat out of touch, so fewer updates recently. But wanted to point out that Change Observer/Design Observer has published a long excerpt from After Photography that might be of interest. It concerns ways in which the digital environment offers new strategies to fight media manipulation and expand [...]

Photoshop and Anorexia

There have been many discussions about a labeling system to warn readers that a photographic image has been retouched in significant ways. I have worked on multiple campaigns since the early 1990s–one idea was for publishers to affix a “not-a-lens” icon (a circle with a diagonal slash across it) underneath a retouched photograph to warn [...]

For Greater Image Credibility

In my After Photography book I outline a number of ways to employ the digital image differently, including ways to be more explicit as to the origins and possible meanings of the image. Given the never-ending discussions about digital retouching and a growing disbelief as to the authenticity of the contemporary photograph, I will repeat [...]