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Category Archives: New Technologies

Measuring Media’s Impact

When people try to change society with their imagery, their impact is often measured in “hits,” “likes” or “page views.” Much of that can be meaningless. Now the Annenberg Center in California is trying to figure out other metrics that might be more helpful. According to Martin Kaplan, the intent is to “provide tools on an [...]

“Photo Editing,” according to NY Times

Today’s New York Times features an article headlined “Photo Editing Online, Easy as Pie.” What do they mean by photo editing? The first two paragraphs let us know:
When Alexey Ivanov and his future wife, Marina Kiseleva, were dating, she gave him a memorable gift: a photograph of himself that looked as if it were hanging [...]

Cell Phone Service on Mt. Everest

From the Huffington Post:
KATMANDU, Nepal — You can’t get away from a cell phone call, even at the top of the world.
Thanks to 3G towers newly installed near Mount Everest’s base camp, explorers can surf the Web, tweet and post Facebook updates without worrying that their signals will disappear into thin air.
The new high-speed service, [...]

You Are Not A Gadget

Jaron Lanier’s recent book, You Are Not A Gadget, begins with a call to arms that is well worth reading. Lanier, both musician and virtual reality pioneer, indicts the soft thinking that has allowed us to conceive of Web 2.0 as a utopian movement when it is, in so many ways, making us more machine-like [...]

The worship of AI

There is a very interesting op-ed piece in today’s New York Times on the growing worship of artificial intelligence as replacing and transcending human intelligence. Written by Jaron Lanier, a musician and longtime innovator in virtual reality and other realms, the article can be found here, titled “The First Church of Robotics.” In the headlong [...]

Of Cameras and Machine Guns

In a provocative piece called “Are Cameras the New Guns?,” Gizmodo points out a new and disquieting trend:
“In response to a flood of Facebook and YouTube videos that depict police abuse, a new trend in law enforcement is gaining popularity. In at least three states, it is now illegal to record any on-duty police officer.”
It [...]

Of Synthetic Cells and Digital Media

Thanks to J. Craig Venter’s just-announced “synthetic” cell, there now exists “the first self-replicating species we’ve had on the planet whose parent is a computer.” His team managed to synthesize a length of DNA consisting of a million units and plant it into a bacterial cell, taking over the cell’s functions via what is referred [...]

“Bodies in Question,” After Photography in French

I have just curated the New York Photo Festival exhibition “Bodies in Question,” concerning human and virtual bodies, the ailing planet, and the troubled body politic, with fourteen artists represented. An excellent analysis of the exhibition by Leo Hsu appears on, focusing on Marc Garanger’s 1960 identity photographs of Algerian women made for the [...]

War as Horror, War as Videogame

There may be no sadder piece of video than watching US soldiers attacking Iraqis from helicopters, killing a Reuters cameraman and his driver, as well as about ten more men, wounding two children, and attacking the van coming to rescue them from the air assault. War is hell, and this is an absurd and horrific [...]

Magazine Art Direction on the iPad?

A nice video post reviewing the graphics and navigability of several magazines as they launch their iPad presences. Do they seem like magazines? Check it out here. And thanks to Derrick at NYU for the tip.