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Category Archives: New Technologies

Photoshop at 20, and a few chuckles

Twenty years ago I was asked to appear on The Today Show to discuss a very new software, Photoshop, that was capable of seamless image manipulation. I argued that the widespread adoption of such software would eventually erode the credibility of the photograph in society by making the medium increasingly suspect.
To me this was no [...]

iPad, iNot Sure

A few things about today’s announcement by Apple:
1. The iPad is a very flat name–it has none of the Biblical ring that the iTablet conjures, or the outer-space feeling of the iPod. A pad is something you take notes on, use for protection, or the place where you sleep (my favorite definition is “A flattened [...]

Photography’s Cubist (and Remote) Moment

Yesterday’s announcement from Canon about wireless hookups with their cameras:

“The new Camera Linking function enables photographers to link up to 10 “slave” cameras wirelessly to one “master” camera and fire all eleven cameras simultaneously for multiple images from various vantage points.
“Imagine being able to capture the crowd’s reaction while shooting the play on the field, [...]

Google Goggles: The End of Wonder?

It is fitting to end a tumultuous year with the announcement of what seems like the most disquieting invention of them all–at least in the image world. Google’s Goggles is a system whereby one points the cellphone camera at buildings, books, bridges, paintings and the like, and within seconds information appears indicating what you are [...]

The Living Book, “Recycling Its Soul”

At long last the book has left the shelf, hit the streets, and keeps on evolving using an ingenious barcode/twitter/cellphone set of strategies. Brazil’s editoras online bookstore put barcodes in the street so that people could, via their mobile phones, be presented with a phrase of love, or of hate, from twitter. Then a 200-page [...]


Probably at no other time in media history has there been so much tumult mixed with desperation and zeal anticipating the era to come. As has been amply pointed out, Apple’s iTablet (or whatever it will be called) is seen as the platform that will meld media on a well-designed all-purpose platform and usher in [...]

Towards a Sustainable Journalism

The old model of journalism is the filter model, where various corporate entities publish “all the news that’s fit to print,” or all the news that’s fit to scintillate (the more current model). The editors select, in their opinion, worthy stories, writers, photographers, points of view, etc., and then decide on the placement of stories, [...]

Another Piece of the Cyborg Future

NEC is coming out with eyeglasses (no lenses) so that salespeople can have the buying history of potential clients beamed onto their retinas as they converse. These should be ready in Japan by next year. However, even more extraordinary is the news that the following year software should be available that allows simultaneous translation of one’s [...]

Been a While

I have been traveling for a bit, and somewhat out of touch, so fewer updates recently. But wanted to point out that Change Observer/Design Observer has published a long excerpt from After Photography that might be of interest. It concerns ways in which the digital environment offers new strategies to fight media manipulation and expand [...]

Camera as Performance

It used to be that personal photography was somewhat private, to be shared with a few people by quietly passing around an image, like reading a poem. Now the new pocket-sized Nikon Coolpix S1000pj, coming out next month in the United States, has a built-in projector so that those nearest and dearest to you can [...]