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Category Archives: Web Projects

A Beautifully Sad Piece About Childhood

Using HTML5 and with some help from Google, Chris Milk’s The Wilderness Downtown is akin to a music video which allows one’s childhood memories of place a starring role–or at least a competitive one with Google’s archive. It is eerily nostalgic while effacing the more individualized sense of one’s own personal history.
It also demonstrates how powerful Google’s [...]

White Noise

“This is the interrogation log of Mohammed al-Qahtani. It is being published in real time: each entry will appear exactly seven years after it was first recorded. The interrogation took place at Guantanamo Bay.
All times are GMT-5.”
So begins an extraordinarily harrowing project at by Alan Trotter, who runs the design-oriented blog The [...]

Bosnia: Uncertain Paths to Peace

I’m happy to say that the Website project that photographer Gilles Peress and I did in 1996 for the New York Times on the Web (at that time with 70,000 subscribers), can now be found online once again on the New York Times server. Nominated in 1997 for the Pulitzer Prize in public service by [...]

Documentary’s New/Old Models

I just moderated a panel discussion “Access to Life,” revolving around the effort of a number of Magnum photographers to help the Global Fund raise considerable amounts of money so that millions of HIV-positive people can not only stay alive but, in many cases, prosper when provided with the right medications. Gilles Peress, representing his [...]

Dylan, Davidson, and a Wrecking Ball announces a new exclusive: a slide show of black-and-white photographs to go with Bob Dylan’s new track, “Beyond Here Lies Nothin’.” Bruce Davidson’s Coney Island gang photograph graces the album cover. In this new world of failing publications, where the photo essay has long been difficult to find, we now have an amalgam of [...]

Trolling the Web

In the vastness of the Web where it is so rare to find an author’s voice, particularly a voice that is not a copy of something that has already been published in another medium, I highly recommend days with my father. Phillip Toledano’s simple, understated journal of his relationship with his 98-year-old father, formerly an [...]

Of Pulitzers and an Epic Poem

Over a decade ago, in 1997, the New York Times nominated a Web site that I had created with photographer Gilles Peress, Bosnia: Uncertain Paths to Peace, for a Pulitzer prize in public service. It was immediately rejected by the Pulitzer committee because the online photo-text-audio-video project was not on paper.
Only last week the Pulitzers [...]