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Category Archives: Photojournalism

Courses in Photography & Human Rights

New York University and the Magnum Foundation are working together to offer a series of four courses on photography and human rights this May and June. Courses on creating responsible photo essays, using multimedia strategies, understanding human rights law and examining a variety of contemporary photo-based projects and campaigns will be included in this six-week [...]

Political Will

Mainstream media may have become too easy a target for us to pounce upon. Desperate for readers and advertisers, lacking in confidence as to its own survival, unsure as to how Web 2.0 affects the balance of power, mainstream media, particularly of the serious kind, is in trouble. Partially as a result, the advent of [...]

Career Choices Lite

The jobs site came out with their ranking for the 200 best and worst jobs for 2010. Photojournalist, ranked at 189th out of 200 jobs, finished just ahead of Butcher, Mail Carrier, Meter Reader and Construction Worker, with what the site says is a starting salary at $16,000, mid-career salary at $28,000, and top [...]


Probably at no other time in media history has there been so much tumult mixed with desperation and zeal anticipating the era to come. As has been amply pointed out, Apple’s iTablet (or whatever it will be called) is seen as the platform that will meld media on a well-designed all-purpose platform and usher in [...]

Twenty-Five Years Ago, And Now

Twenty-five years ago this month The New York Times Magazine published an extensive article that I had written on the coming digital revolution in photography, to which they gave the unfortunate title, “Photography’s New Bag of Tricks.” At that time there was no Photoshop - it would come at the end of the decade - [...]

A Credible and Funded Photojournalism

Can we afford to not know what is going on in the world? Who is going to tell us? If photojournalists cannot be paid (the press is dying all too rapidly) then who will explore the margins? Citizen journalists? To some extent, but I hardly think that citizen journalists can do everything. Photographing in the [...]

Life Online

—–An extraordinary resource for those who like their photojournalism classical: all of the issues from 1936-72 of the weekly Life magazine scanned online by Google and offered free to any reader. Click here.

Towards a New Journalism

Following up on an earlier post arguing that photojournalism can now be considered to have belonged to the twentieth century (see also the succeeding posts below on the end of the Gamma photo agency and the New York Times article on photojournalism’s demise), there have been a number of inquiries as to what a new [...]

Photojournalism’s Lament

Maybe this is a milestone: “Lament for a Dying Field: Photojournalism,” in today’s New York Times. While based on the failure of the Gamma photo agency (covered here in a previous post), the article by David Jolly paints a rather depressing picture for anyone trying to do important work as a photojournalist and still make [...]

Photo Reporter, Gutted

Many discussions have taken place about the Los Angeles-based photographer who happily made a total of only $30 when his photograph was on Time’s cover. He has been insulted quite frequently for ruining the business (what business?), and for being a symbol of the degradation of what used to be a prestigious profession.
But a much [...]