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Category Archives: The Future of Newspapers

What Matters Now? Proposals for a New Front Page

Please come to What Matters Now? Proposals for a New Front Page to submit work and discuss ideas for a new front page–a way for us to focus as a society, to use each other’s insights, to decide which issues we should be doing something about. The project begins now online, and next week at [...]

Read All About It!

The Last Newspaper is a timely exhibition coming to New York’s New Museum from October 6 until January 9. An artistic exploration of the meaning of news, the rise and fall of newspapers, and a critique of news gathering and dissemination, the exhibition has a number of interesting partner organizations, a free 12-page weekly newspaper [...]

The Times Says Sometime

The Huffington Post is headlining remarks by New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. from a speech delivered at the International Newsroom Summit in London. Reported on by the EditorsWebLog, Sulzberger responded to a question concerning the New York Times print edition’s future by acknowledging that someday it will no longer exist: “Asked about his [...]

A Future for Journalism Schools?

How long can journalism schools keep feeding students into an industry that is staggering? Well, the University of Colorado at Boulder announced today that it will start the process of “program discontinuance” for the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Another university committee, according to an AP report, will look into what a new “information [...]

Magazine Art Direction on the iPad?

A nice video post reviewing the graphics and navigability of several magazines as they launch their iPad presences. Do they seem like magazines? Check it out here. And thanks to Derrick at NYU for the tip.

New York Times Announces New Pay Plan

This morning the New York Times announced that, beginning in early 2011, it will begin to charge for content. Frequent users of the Web site will have to pay for access after a certain number of free articles, still to be determined. Those who subscribe to the newspaper will have unlimited access.
Why the long wait? [...]


Probably at no other time in media history has there been so much tumult mixed with desperation and zeal anticipating the era to come. As has been amply pointed out, Apple’s iTablet (or whatever it will be called) is seen as the platform that will meld media on a well-designed all-purpose platform and usher in [...]

Towards a Sustainable Journalism

The old model of journalism is the filter model, where various corporate entities publish “all the news that’s fit to print,” or all the news that’s fit to scintillate (the more current model). The editors select, in their opinion, worthy stories, writers, photographers, points of view, etc., and then decide on the placement of stories, [...]

Twenty-Five Years Ago, And Now

Twenty-five years ago this month The New York Times Magazine published an extensive article that I had written on the coming digital revolution in photography, to which they gave the unfortunate title, “Photography’s New Bag of Tricks.” At that time there was no Photoshop - it would come at the end of the decade - [...]

Photo Reporter, Gutted

Many discussions have taken place about the Los Angeles-based photographer who happily made a total of only $30 when his photograph was on Time’s cover. He has been insulted quite frequently for ruining the business (what business?), and for being a symbol of the degradation of what used to be a prestigious profession.
But a much [...]