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Category Archives: The Future of Newspapers

A New Visual Journalism

It seems about time to acknowledge that “photojournalism” is a twentieth-century term that is merging into,  due in large part to the Web, a more expansive twenty-first century “visual journalism.” Video, sound, text, interviews, panoramics, cellphones, sequential editing as well as still photographs are all part of the messy, emerging field of visual journalism.
What is [...]

Paying for Online Journalism: The Television Model

Perhaps nothing is discussed as much as the financial future of online journalism. Without the large-scale advertising rates that were prevalent in print journalism and without subscriptions, how are news organizations going to survive in nearly any form?
For me the financial answer is simple–use the television model. When I go online it is to browse [...]

Journalism 1.5

Now that conventional media is congratulating itself on its openness to the cellphone imagery and twitter reports from Iran in a variety of articles, are these same media outlets going to be open to such amateur reporting from other regions of the world–for example, the current coup in Honduras, the Chinese crackdown on the followers [...]

The Future of Photography 2.0, and for Professionals

It has been widely commented that much of the important photojournalism of the last several years has been done by amateurs — London Underground bombing, Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse, coffins of American soldiers coming from Iraq, young woman being flogged in Afghanistan, etc. And now, of course, there are the many images from Iran by [...]

The Day the Media Died

Mad Ave Blues is a whimsical nine-minute-plus eulogy to the media as we knew it, sung by L. McDuff. “I was a lonely Mad Ave Type, with some good ideas and a lot of hype.” Or, “I asked the man running the Times, about turning dollars into digital dimes.” Enjoy!
(Thanks to Matthias Bruggmann for pointing [...]

Falling Times

Using pictograms to express the news is an intriguing concept. Falling Times is a website where readers can help define the meaning of various pictograms, which then fall down a screen representing news headlines and keywords. The news becomes a cascade of zombies, peace symbols, a cow, heads of world leaders, dollar signs, etc. It [...]

Only 3,000 Subscribe to

As reported previously here, the tearful failure of the venerable Rocky Mountain News daily newspaper after almost 150 years in business was to be followed with better news: a group of innovative, feisty staffers were scheduled to start publishing an online newspaper, But before going online, the goal to be met by late April [...]

Of Slow Food and Newspapers

I am more convinced now that large general-interest publications are suffering in part because they primarily serve as intricate menus, unintentionally replicating what the Web already does and therefore not distinguishing themselves. So even though we know it is The New York Times or CNN, the prestige and integrity of the publication is severely diminished [...]

From the Lone Star State

Just back from the tenth anniversary International Online Journalism Conference in Austin, Texas, where I saw the most amazing peacocks strutting about that I have ever seen! But in the conference hall itself the two major themes for the future of journalism were “mobile, mobile, mobile” and, of course, “twitter, twitter, twitter.” The first constitutes [...]

Design As The Answer

A provocative talk at TED by Polish architect turned designer Jacek Utko on how he recently re-designed newspapers in a number of East European countries - Latvia, Bulgaria, Poland and Russia - and how the newspapers’ readership shot up. In Bulgaria, for example, there was a 100% increase in readership. His inspiration: Cirque du Soleil.
Utko’s [...]