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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Searching for Images with Images

Opening a file drawer of photographs used to be an enormous pleasure. By looking at them, touching them, even smelling them, it was possible to tell an older photograph from a newer one, to get a sense of the intent of the photographer from the print and the quality of the paper, to separate them [...]

A Short Good-bye to Print Newspapers

Today the Christian Science Monitor, a venerable not-for-profit newspaper, announced that it would give up its daily print newspaper to become online-only. This week as well the New York Times announced an earnings decline of more than fifty percent, the Newark Star-Ledger let it be known that it will cut forty percent of its staff, and the [...]

Imaging the Brain

While we are concentrating on new possibilities of photographing the external world, there are quite a few who are investigating new and sometimes intrusive ways of photographing our brains as a means of measuring our attentiveness and memory. The results are both provocative and at times quite scary.
In India, for example, the New York Times [...]


Every day’s media bring enormous numbers of new developments in the “after photography” realm. What happens when we stop thinking of cameras and start thinking of images? What happens when the photographer, particularly the professional, is only a piece of the puzzle? Is all of this still to be considered photography?
Fox News, for example, is [...]