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Monthly Archives: April 2009

The Planet Needs You:

I saw Jim Balog’s photography of “Extreme Ice” on television’s NOVA two weeks ago depicting the accelerating melting of glaciers nearly everywhere. It has been difficult for me to sleep since. As I close my eyes I see gigantic glaciers the size of small countries turning into running water, as if a tap has started [...]

Women Abused in Pictures, and Out of Pictures

The abuse of women: to be erased from a photo of the new Israeli cabinet in ultra-orthodox newspapers, flogged in Pakistan, and kept under virtual house arrest by their husbands in Afghanistan. (See the New York Times piece on it all.) The irony of it while Carla Bruni and Michelle Obama are simultaneously vying for [...]

April Fools from Kodak

If only this was their business plan, and not a joke!
Or maybe one day it will be their business plan?
(Thanks to Jacqueline Bovaird for pointing it out.)

Design As The Answer

A provocative talk at TED by Polish architect turned designer Jacek Utko on how he recently re-designed newspapers in a number of East European countries - Latvia, Bulgaria, Poland and Russia - and how the newspapers’ readership shot up. In Bulgaria, for example, there was a 100% increase in readership. His inspiration: Cirque du Soleil.
Utko’s [...]