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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Life Online

—–An extraordinary resource for those who like their photojournalism classical: all of the issues from 1936-72 of the weekly Life magazine scanned online by Google and offered free to any reader. Click here.

Photoshop and Anorexia

There have been many discussions about a labeling system to warn readers that a photographic image has been retouched in significant ways. I have worked on multiple campaigns since the early 1990s–one idea was for publishers to affix a “not-a-lens” icon (a circle with a diagonal slash across it) underneath a retouched photograph to warn [...]

Design and the Web-based Image

Working in print media, a key issue for a photo editor/art director is how to design the page so that the photographs and text use form to emphasize content. On the Web, despite all its freedom, most publications use a content management system that makes it almost impossible to explore the potentials of innovative design. [...]

“The Camera is Not a Machine Gun”

I have a review of South African photographer David Goldblatt’s exhibition, Intersections Intersected, up on the Web site Change Observer. I highly recommend that people in the area view this two-floor show at New York’s New Museum from his nearly fifty years of work. It is highly political, thoughtful, intensely passionate, extraordinarily nuanced, and uses [...]