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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Towards a Sustainable Journalism

The old model of journalism is the filter model, where various corporate entities publish “all the news that’s fit to print,” or all the news that’s fit to scintillate (the more current model). The editors select, in their opinion, worthy stories, writers, photographers, points of view, etc., and then decide on the placement of stories, [...]

Twenty-Five Years Ago, And Now

Twenty-five years ago this month The New York Times Magazine published an extensive article that I had written on the coming digital revolution in photography, to which they gave the unfortunate title, “Photography’s New Bag of Tricks.” At that time there was no Photoshop - it would come at the end of the decade - [...]

A Credible and Funded Photojournalism

Can we afford to not know what is going on in the world? Who is going to tell us? If photojournalists cannot be paid (the press is dying all too rapidly) then who will explore the margins? Citizen journalists? To some extent, but I hardly think that citizen journalists can do everything. Photographing in the [...]

Another Piece of the Cyborg Future

NEC is coming out with eyeglasses (no lenses) so that salespeople can have the buying history of potential clients beamed onto their retinas as they converse. These should be ready in Japan by next year. However, even more extraordinary is the news that the following year software should be available that allows simultaneous translation of one’s [...]