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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Photoshop at 20, and a few chuckles

Twenty years ago I was asked to appear on The Today Show to discuss a very new software, Photoshop, that was capable of seamless image manipulation. I argued that the widespread adoption of such software would eventually erode the credibility of the photograph in society by making the medium increasingly suspect.
To me this was no [...]

Courses in Photography & Human Rights

New York University and the Magnum Foundation are working together to offer a series of four courses on photography and human rights this May and June. Courses on creating responsible photo essays, using multimedia strategies, understanding human rights law and examining a variety of contemporary photo-based projects and campaigns will be included in this six-week [...]

Political Will

Mainstream media may have become too easy a target for us to pounce upon. Desperate for readers and advertisers, lacking in confidence as to its own survival, unsure as to how Web 2.0 affects the balance of power, mainstream media, particularly of the serious kind, is in trouble. Partially as a result, the advent of [...]