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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Cell Phone Service on Mt. Everest

From the Huffington Post:
KATMANDU, Nepal — You can’t get away from a cell phone call, even at the top of the world.
Thanks to 3G towers newly installed near Mount Everest’s base camp, explorers can surf the Web, tweet and post Facebook updates without worrying that their signals will disappear into thin air.
The new high-speed service, [...]

The Digital Imaging Revolution, Past and Future

Twenty years ago I wrote the first book on the forthcoming digital imaging revolution and its eventual impact on photography. Aperture, which published In Our Own Image, is now re-issuing it in a new twentieth-anniversary edition, and to mark the occasion there will be a discussion between journalist Brian Palmer and myself. We will focus [...]

A Ten-Year Plan to Support Biodiversity

Representatives at a United Nations conference on biodiversity in Japan are said to have just reached agreement to protect at least 17 per cent of land areas and 10 per cent of oceans by 2020. (The Convention on Biological Diversity site is here.)
Despite divisions between rich and poor countries, they also agreed on a system [...]

A Disease that is No More

As someone who worked on the campaign to end polio globally with photographer Sebastiao Salgado and the organizations WHO, UNICEF, Rotary International and the Centers for Disease Control, I was happy to see that for only the second time in history (smallpox being the first) has humanity triumphed against a disease. This time it is [...]