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Monthly Archives: August 2011

After, and Before

The BBC is utilizing Google Streetviews to give us an instant before-and-after history, demonstrating the physical damage caused by the current London riots on the cityscape. The photograph is no longer seen alone, which makes the results of the rioting all the more visible, sudden, and devastating.

On War

Newsweek magazine recently published Tim Hetherington’s last photos from Libya with a very fine short text by James Welford. He quotes correspondence between Tim and Stephen Mayes: “Photography is great at representing the hardware of the war machine,”  [Hetherington] told his good friend and writer Stephen Mayes, a month before he died. “But the truth [...]

Ads are Banned

From Huffington Post in the United Kingdom, the first signs of resistance to image manipulation in mass media. It may be several decades late, but at least one member of Parliament seems to care:
Two adverts have been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority after a complaint from MP Jo Swinson.
Promotions for foundations by Lancome and [...]

A Beautifully Sad Piece About Childhood

Using HTML5 and with some help from Google, Chris Milk’s The Wilderness Downtown is akin to a music video which allows one’s childhood memories of place a starring role–or at least a competitive one with Google’s archive. It is eerily nostalgic while effacing the more individualized sense of one’s own personal history.
It also demonstrates how powerful Google’s [...]