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The jobs site came out with their ranking for the 200 best and worst jobs for 2010. Photojournalist, ranked at 189th out of 200 jobs, finished just ahead of Butcher, Mail Carrier, Meter Reader and Construction Worker, with what the site says is a starting salary at $16,000, mid-career salary at $28,000, and top salary at $60,000.

But can we believe this? While the study was republished in the Wall Street Journal today and cited in the current newsletter from, I am not sure that I have that much faith in the selection process. For example, while Actuary is rated first (rating a job highest for which one computes the chances of things going wrong sounds like the new optimism), it is difficult to believe that Historian is in 5th place, and Philosopher is in 11th, right after Dental Hygienist and a few places before Web Developer in 15th.

What are their criteria? “Using five key measurement criteria – stress, working environment, physical demands, income and hiring outlook – the Jobs Rated report seeks to compare and contrast careers across a multitude of industries, skill levels and salary ranges, sorting them into a definitive list of jobs that can be called ‘worst’ and ‘best.’”

I don’t know too many students flocking to History or Philosophy in hopes of getting hired right now. Or maybe they are rated so high because of the supposed lack of stress that comes with thinking?

With all that has been happening to photojournalism, I would not choose careers based on this survey.

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  1. Wolynski wrote:

    Most interesting blog. You used to hire a wedding photographer to ensure the damn photos came out - bit mysterious, that film processing. Now a million relatives take photos and all of them come out, more or less.

    There’ll always be room for artists (I hope), but most happening news is now captured by cellphones. Of course, the professional photographer’s job has been usurped to some degree, but then technology has replaced other jobs, too.

    Me, I love digital. So easy.

    I just worry that in the future no one will be able to tell a good photo from crap - it’s all conditioning.

    Friday, January 15, 2010 at 8:17 am | Permalink

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