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Wary of the Wolf

"The Storybook Wolf" by Rodriguez

Seems that Photoshop is not enough. Now the “Wildlife Photographer of the Year” Award, administered annually in Britain through the Natural History Museum and the BBC Wildlife Magazine, has had to be rescinded due to the use of what is now said to be a tame wolf to get a better picture (left).

Spanish photographer José Luis Rodriguez lost his £10,000 prize and has been banned for life from the competition. As well, his photograph has been taken down from the museum’s exhibition, but it is too late to remove it from the thousands of books that have already been printed. Rodriguez is reported to strongly deny the accusations, but experts have asserted with near-certainty that the Iberian wolf is identical to a tame one named Ossian that lives in a Spanish zoological park near Madrid.

The photographer had titled his entry “The Storybook Wolf.” With over 43,000 entries from 94 countries for the award, it certainly has become that. Click here for more.

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  1. jope wrote:

    this is saddening, but only to be expected in the natural course of things… the medium is evolving, and we’ll slowly evolve with it. hey atleast there’ll be a new career path, fauxtography forensics!

    fauxtography - great word by the way mr. ritchin ;)


    Thursday, January 21, 2010 at 9:21 pm | Permalink

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