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The Debilitating Static of Spam

As I move to reinvigorate this blog, writing more, keeping more in touch, I find that the enormous amount of spam that arrives is an obstacle to any real work–I have had to eliminate more than 5,000 “comments” over the course of this blog as others seek links for products ranging from sexual aids to insurance, with comments that attempt to simulate an actual analysis of something I’ve written but give themselves away by their generic blather. It’s like a simple Turyn test, where the point is to figure out what has been written by a human and what by a machine, except in this case the issue is to read so as to find the interested human and leave out the self-interested ones. Despite a long list of banned keywords that begins to read like a pharmaceutical display, these fake, machine-like and ultimately insulting comments keep getting through.

So more to come as I finish the shoveling…

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  1. ian epstein wrote:

    you might consider some implementation of something like disqus or another moderated comment tool; they help introduce some accountability into the world of comments at the same time they reduce anonymity.

    Monday, August 9, 2010 at 5:11 pm | Permalink

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