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“Photo Editing,” according to NY Times

Today’s New York Times features an article headlined “Photo Editing Online, Easy as Pie.” What do they mean by photo editing? The first two paragraphs let us know:

When Alexey Ivanov and his future wife, Marina Kiseleva, were dating, she gave him a memorable gift: a photograph of himself that looked as if it were hanging in the Tate Modern in London.

To create the image, she used a simple photo-editing program. And it gave the couple the idea for their Web site,, which allows users to upload a photograph, select an image from dozens of templates showing a scene, and then merge the two photographs. It is just one of many Web sites for enhancing photographs that are becoming easier than ever to use.

Photo editing at publications such as The New York Times used to consist of selecting the photographs and sequencing them, not combining them and otherwise “enhancing” them (is the better word “manipulating” them?). Interesting and sad that this is what The New York Times now thinks photo editing has become.

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