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Photojournalism’s Lament

Maybe this is a milestone: “Lament for a Dying Field: Photojournalism,” in today’s New York Times. While based on the failure of the Gamma photo agency (covered here in a previous post), the article by David Jolly paints a rather depressing picture for anyone trying to do important work as a photojournalist and still make a living, especially a young person thinking of entering the field. “The problem is that news photography is finished,” a spokesperson for Eyedea Presse, which owns Gamma, is quoted as saying. Even Jean-François Leroy, organizer of the Visa pour l’Image photojournalism festival that begins in a few weeks, remarks that whereas two decades ago a photojournalist made enough money to live on, “That is not the case now.”

One hopes that the many schools and universities teaching photojournalism will acknowledge the lament, and do something about it.

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