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“Photo Editing,” according to NY Times

Today’s New York Times features an article headlined “Photo Editing Online, Easy as Pie.” What do they mean by photo editing? The first two paragraphs let us know:
When Alexey Ivanov and his future wife, Marina Kiseleva, were dating, she gave him a memorable gift: a photograph of himself that looked as if it were hanging [...]


Probably at no other time in media history has there been so much tumult mixed with desperation and zeal anticipating the era to come. As has been amply pointed out, Apple’s iTablet (or whatever it will be called) is seen as the platform that will meld media on a well-designed all-purpose platform and usher in [...]

Last Chance?

I have been having discussion after discussion with people terrified that the “newspaper of record,” The New York Times, might cease to exist in a meaningful way. How will we know what is going on in the world? What will replace it as a daily report that we can share and discuss? And, underneath all [...]