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Photoshop at 20, and a few chuckles

Twenty years ago I was asked to appear on The Today Show to discuss a very new software, Photoshop, that was capable of seamless image manipulation. I argued that the widespread adoption of such software would eventually erode the credibility of the photograph in society by making the medium increasingly suspect.
To me this was no [...]

Photoshop and Anorexia

There have been many discussions about a labeling system to warn readers that a photographic image has been retouched in significant ways. I have worked on multiple campaigns since the early 1990s–one idea was for publishers to affix a “not-a-lens” icon (a circle with a diagonal slash across it) underneath a retouched photograph to warn [...]

Photoshopped Babies

Last week New York’s Daily News headlined on its front page a local clinic that was said to be planning, in the next months, a service that would allow parents to choose the eye and hair color of their future babies (for a fee). Since parents can already select the baby’s gender, why not a [...]