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New Grant in Tim Hetherington’s Memory

To honor the life and work of the late Tim Hetherington, Human Rights Watch and World Press Photo have established an annual visual journalism award focusing on human rights, Human Rights Watch said today….
“This award is a tribute to Tim Hetherington’s extraordinary talent for bringing human rights stories into vivid focus,” said Carroll Bogert, deputy [...]

On War

Newsweek magazine recently published Tim Hetherington’s last photos from Libya with a very fine short text by James Welford. He quotes correspondence between Tim and Stephen Mayes: “Photography is great at representing the hardware of the war machine,”  [Hetherington] told his good friend and writer Stephen Mayes, a month before he died. “But the truth [...]

A Novelist with a Camera

We all know that photography, at its root, is writing with light. But most of us, particularly on the documentary side, do not take this too seriously–photography is a recording strategy (in its simplest form, “F-8 and be there”), not a writing one. But Tim Hetherington had a different approach.
As Sophie Gilbert recounts an early [...]