Gloucester, Massachusetts, where Nubar Alexanian was born and has been photographing for almost thirty years, is in many ways a photographer's dream. The idyllic landscape, pure and crisp light , wooden houses and quaint storefronts, seem to come right out of the nineteenth century and have always attracted artists. But in contrast with the picture-perfect surroundings, fishing is the primary occupation, one of the most dangerous jobs in America. It regularly claims the lives of fathers, sons and husbands: a long list of fishermen lost at sea is carved on the wall of Gloucester's City Hall.

Alexanian has followed the fishermen in their daily fight against the elements. He has also photographed life in town and the rituals which mark the year: memorial services, a bluefish tournament, St Peter's Fiesta, Labor Day and Prom Night, a Fourth of July cookout. There are also the smaller private children's rituals, from the first day of school to the first visit to the dentist. And landscapes: the snow-covered trunks, the moss creeping on granite blocks, the slabs of ice floating away in the mist like smaller boats.

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