Sheri Fink
Viewing Genocide From the Sofa: How Should We Respond?

portrait Sheri Fink is a Ph.D. candidate at Stanford University. Since September 1994, she has been president of Students Against Genocide (SAGE), an organization coordinating joint anti-genocide activities on campuses nationwide, and providing educational and activist materials to groups on those campuses. She has written and given numerous speeches about the Balkan situation, and has edited four issues of "SAGE Update," the organization's national newsletter. She is author of "The Anti-Genocide Movement on American College Campuses: A Growing Response to the Balkan War" in the forthcoming New York University Press book, "This Time We Knew: Western Responses to Genocide in Bosnia," edited by Thomas Cushman and Stjepan Mestrovic.

As a leader of SAGE, Fink works with individuals and groups of activists who focus their activities on preventing genocide, and bringing aid to the victims of ethnic violence. Observation and participation in key activities and meetings of movement leaders, as well as interviews with many campus and grassroots activists, provide the background for moderation of this forum.