A major component of "Bosnia: Uncertain Paths to Peace" was the opportunity for international dialogue. The forums remained active for more than two months and attracted thousands of postings, some thoughtful, some vituperative. They were based on a computer-generated interface that cannot be archived in full, but here are highlights, along with biographies of the hosts.

  • Healing and Reconciliation, With Ervin Staub
  • Will Bosnia Survive Dayton?, With Stephen Walker
  • Religion and War, With Dr. Michael Sells
  • U.S. Interests, U.S. Achievements, With Madeleine Albright
  • International Justice, With Avril MacDonald
  • War Crimes, With Aryeh Neier
  • Nationality and Nationalism, With Manuela Dobos
  • Will History Teach Us Nothing?, With Christiane Amanpour
  • Bosnia's Cultural Heritage, With Andras Riedlmayer
  • Genocide: How Should We Respond?, With Sheri Fink
  • The Irony of Media Coverage, With Bill Carter
  • Truisms, Based on the Work of Jenny Holzer