June 2002

Ackerman, Michael.
Born Tel Aviv 1967
Family moves to New York 1974
Starts photography 1986
Drops out of school 1990 & works in city's streets
First trips 1993
Member of vu agency 1997
Infinity award from icp "Young Photographer"
First book end time city 1999
Prix nadar 1999 for end time city

Michael Ackerman likes to define himself and his pictures with negatives: not a traveler, not interested in Jewish identity, not drawn to self-portraiture, quest for roots, fact-finding or documenting. But his work clearly combines a European sensibility with his American experience, evoking both the "flux of consciousness" of the 1930s European writers and the contemporary music of those he likes to colaborate with: Cat Power, Mark Mulhany and the Atlanta-based singer Benjamin.

Like Larry Clark's TULSA, Dave Heath's SOLITUDE and Machiel Botman's HEARTBEAT, to cite just a few books published between the 1970s and today, Ackerman's second book, FICTION (Editions Delpire), gives little room to text and none to captions. All his photographs have a grainy texture and blur evoking aquatint. Taken on the street in New York, Berlin, Katowice, Naples, Marseille and Paris, they occupy a full or double page and are loosely organized in sections separated by a white space that feels like a musical pause between two jazz riffs.

-- Carole Naggar