Mariposas Nocturnas - Edith in Panama
Works by Emmet Gowin
Erich Lessing
Works by Erich Lessing
Imre Kinszki
Works by Imre Kinszki
In The Still Life
Works by Charles H. Traub
Andras Böröcz
Works by Andras Böröcz
Painter of the people
Works by Rafael Tufino
ZONA: Siberian Prison Camps
Works by Cal de Keyzer
"Who? Me!! No!!! Why Not?"
Works by Ralph Steadman
"New Hotel for Global Nomads"
An exhibition @ Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum
Working Collages
Works by Karl Blossfeldt
Verso:A Retrospective with a Diffferent Point of View
Works by Sylvia Plachy
Between Word and Image: Modern Iranian Visual Culture
A group Exhibition @ The Grey Art Gallery, New York University, NYC
Inner Light
Works by Flor Cardune
Film Journal
Works by Eve Arnold
Pictures Tell The Story
Works by Ernest Withers
Works by Michael Ackerman
Tranquility / Motion
Works by Koichiro Kurita
Another Vietnam
Pictures of the War from the Other Side by Tim Page
Flash Afrique!
Photography from West Africa
Hidden Truths: Bloody Sunday, 1972
An exhibition @ ICP, curated by Trisha Ziff
A Broken Landscape: HIV & AIDS in Africa
Works by Gideon Mendel
Acta Est
Works by Lise Sarfati
Drawings for Projection
Works by William Kentridge
A Dialogue with Solitude
Works by Dave Heath
The Magic Eye
A book by Herbert List
RFK: Funeral Train
A book by Paul Fusco
Jill Freedman: Selected Works 1971- 1993
An exhibition @ Gallery 49

"Without Sanctuary: Lynching Photography In America"
An exhibition @ the New York Historical Society

Picturing Guatemala
A travelling exhibition

Martine Franck: "One Day to the Next"
An exhibition @ Howard Greenberg Gallery

George Rodger: Photographic Voyager
An exhibition @ the Barry Singer Gallery in Petaluma, CA

The Silence of Things
A book by
Josef Sudek

Dreams 1900-2000: Science, Art and the Unconscious Mind
An exhibition @ the Equitable Gallery in New York. curated by Lynn Gamwell

The Information Bomb
A book by
Paul Virilio

Until the End of the World
A film by Wim Wenders